Small Trent Party

Congressman Trent Franks of Arizona, a largely irrelevant presence within the Arizona congressional delegation and a reliable supporter of most things that pop into Glenn Beck’s spacious cranium, had this to say of the Tea Baggers who descended on Washington, D.C. Saturday.

In comments to his constituents and the world at large, Franks said:

“It is so encouraging to see freedom-loving Americans from all over the country go to so much trouble to exercise one of their most basic rights, that of petitioning our government, and make their voices heard. Americans realize that the current Administration and Democrat-controlled Congress have put us on a slippery-slope toward socialism.  These patriotic citizens have had enough of being told to listen to Washington; it’s time for Washington to listen to them.”

Here is video of Franks’s Tea Bagger fellation on Fox Sunday:


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