That dern Democrat cabal

David Schweikert, failed Arizona 5th District congressional candidate, is back for another round. This time he’s packing more than his black belt in Laffer Curve kwon do – he’s also rumored to have newly flush campaign coffers from a recent large inheritance. This intel is unconfirmed but important to remember as we preview what Phoenix-area voters are going to be treaded to next year. A small sampling from a recent email… which turned out to not be so recent:

“Do you receive health insurance benefits from your employer?  Democrats in Congress are proposing a plan to tax those benefits!
“Are you a small business owner?  An entrepreneur?  The Democrats have a plan to make you pay more.  And at the same time, the Democrats double-taxation plan on US firms with workers overseas risks adding another 2.2 MILLION Americans to the unemployment rolls!
“Energy taxes.  Investment taxes.  Income taxes.   Gas taxes.  In just the last six months under Democrat control, the Democrat cabal running Congress and the White House has gone on a tax and spending spree that makes even previous Democrat Congresses look conservative.” 

But doesn’t make previous spend and spend Republican congresses look conservative, which has to be pointed out.

The other trouble is, this missive was first sent out in July and resent today without being altered. The headline, “Only Eighteen Months,” was a bit of a giveaway, since in 18 months it will be late March of 2011, which has little electoral significance except to the good people of New South Wales.

“Dear Friend,

You may have received an email earlier today from us that may seem a bit off.  An older email was inadvertently sent by our email service and for that we apologize. 

But the same message holds true!”


Don’t you just hate it when your email service does things inadvertently? Like sending two-month old emails?

It’s good to know that the message still holds true, even if the facts don’t. That previous message included a bit about Democrats wanting to tax employer provided health benefits, even though that ship was scuttled a long time ago – as in, when Obama opposed it on the campaign trail.

As for the “Democrat cabal,” well, see for yourself how their sinister conspiracy is faring:

Guess which one supports a public option. Photo courtesy NY Times.

Guess which one supports a public option. Photo courtesy NY Times.


Maybe Schweikert won’t need all that money after all.


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