Grayson for… something

The National Razor doesn’t know what Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) should be promoted to or get run for, but it is now clear the Orlando congressman has one of the main qualities of leadership, and one sorely needed on his side of the aisle: Epcot Centers of steel.

We were impressed by, if not a bit distasteful of, the way he went after the Republican stay-the-course plan to deal with the looming health coverage crisis in this nation. However, our literally tens of minutes of painstaking research have unearthed a YouTube gem that shows the extent of Grayson’s sangfroid, and why he may not be a novelty act.

On August 17, Grayson held a town hall that garnered such a tremendous throng of protesters and counter-protesters that it got over three minutes on the local NBC affiliate, WESH – along with chopper coverage!

Inside, the rather small (by design) crowd was relatively calm, but the chanting from outside interrupted the town hall at several points. If he were a lesser legislator, there is no way he would have given the performance he gave on the floor of the House over the last few days. Arizona’s Rep. Harry Mitchell was spooked out of holding any sort of town hall in the first place, and central Floridans (Floridians?) are at least on par with, if not in excess of, the [drubbing-lips-with-finger] abababeebeebaba insanity level of central Arizonans.

We see in Rep. Grayson the raw clay that could be molded into a truly effective and unique voice for health insurance reform, and one that could be generally useful to the Democratic Caucus in other policy battles. It would take some tutelage by an old pro – Waxman? Pelosi herself? – but it’s doable.

Legendary wrestling coach Dan Gable once said, “Gold medals aren’t made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination, and that hard-to-find alloy called guts.” This is true of legislative victories as well. The Democrats would be well advised to mine Alan Grayson for his share of the last ingredient.


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