Welcome to The National Razor, an online journal of the mainstream progressive intelligensia.

The ideas and analyses offered by this publication seek to represent a broad slice of the current debate amongst educated, thoughtful members of the moderate left and center. “Moderate” is a term subject to much interpretation, so for the purposes of TNR, it is an adjective ascribed to those who believe in regulated capitalism and all Constitutional protections, seek consensus across the political divide where possible, respect human rights, and believe that neither private nor governmental institutions alone can solve the nation’s ills, but a strategic partnership of the two will surmount the greatest obstacles. Moderates seek balance and accord in all areas, and reject extremism of every stripe, wherever it appears on the political spectrum. 

TNR is unabashedly left-leaning, but only leaning. All participation, from people of all viewpoints, is welcome, so long as it is conducted in an intelligent, constructive and equanimitous manner. The hallmark of a worthwhile opinion is its ability to withstand scrutiny, and those who are willing to open their minds to arguments at odds with their predetermined beliefs as readily as they defend those precepts will find a welcoming environment here.

Let the dialogue begin, and may it be an asset to the construction of a new American century and the longevity of the Republic.


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